Foundation Courses in New Zealand

What is a Foundation course?

Foundation courses prepare international students for a variety of subjects, including business, economics and psychology. They are ideal if you do not quite have the right qualifications to start a full undergraduate degree or want to gain more study confidence for a higher level of work.

Through every step of your course, you will be supported by highly qualified teachers and support staff, both in and outside the classroom. Personal tutors will meet with you regularly to ensure you are on track to pass the program and progress to your chosen degree. Foundation courses offer guaranteed progress to a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes upon completion of the foundation program.

Certain foundation providers have partnerships with universities and colleges and can guarantee progression to that institution if the student achieves high enough grades. Many programmes will see the student based on campus benefitting from full university status with complete access to libraries, equipment and sporting facilities.

Do I need to study a Foundation course?

A foundation course is ideal for international students who need additional English language and academic preparation for full entry.

Foundation Course Requirements in New Zealand

A minimum IELTS score of 5.0 is required for students wishing to study a foundation, with no single element less than 4.5. If you have no formal English qualifications, you may need to attend an English language course or college prior to starting your foundation course. Documents required include:

Study a Foundation Course in New Zealand

If you wish to learn more about studying a foundation course for entry to a New Zealand university, arrange your free consultation with SI-New Zealand today.


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