Study Nursing in New Zealand

Introduction to nursing courses in New Zealand

A nursing degree in New Zealand offers a comprehensive education in healthcare, focusing on the principles of nursing, clinical practice, and patient care. The curriculum typically covers various subjects, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nursing theory, and practical clinical experience. Students gain a thorough understanding of healthcare practices, patient interaction, and specialized skills required in various healthcare settings.

Nursing programs are highly esteemed for their quality education. They often incorporate modern healthcare techniques and evidence-based practices. The hands-on clinical experiences offered in New Zealand's nursing programs provide students with practical skills and knowledge in real healthcare settings. 

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Types of Nursing Degrees

New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 3) Nursing and Health Studies

These pathway programs give you the core skills you need to study at the tertiary level and allow you to enter one of Level 3 or 4 health programs or NZ certificate in study and career preparation (level 4) nursing studies. 

Students will receive a hands-on learning experience, which will be in our state-of-the-art clinical learning suite. The curriculum of the nursing courses in NZ comprises courses such as applied structure and function of the human body, enrolled nursing practice, acute care, etc. After completing the program, students can work as registered nurses in community hospitals, medical centers, etc. 

Bachelors of Nursing (BNurs)

A Bachelor of Nursing in New Zealand aims to offer an unparalleled clinical education in an interprofessional environment, preparing them for life as a registered nurse. The curriculum involves clinical practice and research-based projects to develop critical thinking and practical skills. Students will be taught various topics, like mental health, surgical nursing, child and family healthcare, management, and leadership in nursing.

After completing the BNurs program, graduates can apply for registration as a comprehensive nurse with the Nursing Council of New Zealand. Some popular career opportunities include mental health nurse, nurse researcher, pediatric nurse, and advanced nurse practitioner. 

Master of Nursing (MNurs)

A Master of Nursing is an advanced program approved by the New Zealand Nursing Council. The course is divided into two pathways- taught and research, that will help you enhance your clinical skills with a substantial focus on clinical orientation.

The clinical programs are developed by collaborating with clinical agencies and clinical staff in teaching and delivering courses. Some top career prospects include clinical nurse specialist, research nurse, nurse administrator, etc. 

PhD in Nursing

A PhD is an advanced nursing postgraduate research degree that one can achieve. Students enrolled for the PhD nursing courses in New Zealand must meet several goals, including developing a complete thesis proposal. The examination process includes an oral examination.

Scholarships for Nursing

If you are an international student and don’t have enough funding to finance your studies, nursing colleges in New Zealand offer students various scholarships and education loans. The grants cover multiple facilities, such as tuition, transportation, and other expenses. Here are some top scholarships offered by New Zealand universities to international students -

Scholarship Name

Offered by


University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship

University of Auckland


Vue Ville Future Technology Scholarship



New Zealand Excellence Awards

AUT, Lincoln University, Massey University, The University of Auckland, The University of Waikato, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, and Victoria University of Wellington


Helen Macmillan Brown Bursary

University of Canterbury


Jobs and Careers

The nursing industry of New Zealand offers bright and lucrative career options for students studying nursing in New Zealand. One can work in different sectors, such as district nursing, community mental health care centers, intensive care units, etc. The average salary that one can expect after completing their nursing studies in NZ is between $60,000 to $85,000. Top career prospects in nursing include -


New Zealand’s nursing industry is blooming rapidly. The nurses who have received their education from NZ universities and colleges can work in all facets of healthcare and have the option to specialize in critical care, community mental health, child and adolescent care, etc. The average salary that one can expect after completing their nursing studies in NZ is between $60,000 to $85,000. Here is an approximate pay scale of each nursing designation offered in NZ- 

Job Profile

Pay Scale

Registered nurse


Instructional designer


Nursing manager


Clinical nurse manager


Top Universities for Nursing in New Zealand

To learn more about the best nursing courses in New Zealand, find details of the top-ranking nursing universities in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 below -



Acceptance rate


The University of Auckland



University of Otago



Massey University



Auckland University of Technology


Study Nursing in New Zealand

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Study Nursing in New Zealand FAQ

What are the different specialities available for nursing in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers various specializations for students to complete their studies in nursing. Popular specializations include elderly care, community mental health, child/adolescent nursing, and intensive care. 

How does nursing in New Zealand differ from other countries?

Nursing is one of the most preferred degrees in New Zealand due to flexible course structures, great facilities and many leading teaching practitioners.

How long does it take to become a nurse in New Zealand?

To become a registered nurse in New Zealand, one must complete a three-year bachelor of nursing degree (Level 7 of NZQF) or a two-year graduate entry master’s degree (Level 8 of NZQF).

What are the scholarships available for international students to study nursing in NZ?

New Zealand offers various scholarships to international students to support their studies. Some of these scholarships include - the University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship, Latin American Academic Achievement Scholarships, New Zealand Excellence Awards scholarships, and Helen Macmillan Brown Bursary. 


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