Supply Chain and Logistics Courses in New Zealand

Introduction to studying supply chain management in New Zealand

Supply chain and logistics courses in New Zealand cover the practical and theoretical concepts that are essential in the logistics field, which are planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivering and logistics, and returning. The benefit of studying for a master's in logistics and supply chain management in New Zealand is that students will learn about minimising cost, waste, and time in the production process. 

To become a successful supply chain manager, one has to adopt excellent communication and analytical skills, with the ability to create innovative and effective strategies and solutions that can benefit the organisation. Logistics courses in New Zealand can lead to many career paths, such as purchasing agents, logistics managers, data analysts, warehouse designers, and transportation directors. 

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Types of Degree

Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management in New Zealand

A bachelor’s in supply chain management will enhance your skills for making companies and organisations more efficient, competitive, and responsive to customers' needs. Students will learn how to craft raw materials into products that reach customers. 

The curriculum will involve practical hands-on learning, such as using a computer simulation program to coordinate the flow of materials along a supply chain and forecasting demand to ensure the products arrive on time. Also, you will understand the functioning of transportation and logistics networks, design and operation, and more. After completing the course, students can plan to become a logistics manager/operations manager or an e-commerce manager. 

Master’s in Supply Chain Management

A master’s in supply chain management is a postgraduate degree that aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of supply chain concepts and skills to solve business problems. Students will be able to develop independent learning skills and critical perspective thinking. 

The curriculum comprises topics and subjects, such as supply chain analytics, value chain management, integrated logistics, quality improvement, life cycle assessment and footprinting principles, etc. Graduates can opt for jobs like inventory specialist, warehouse manager, and business process engineer.


Here is the list of top scholarships for students applying for supply chain management in New Zealand -

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

International Business Master’s Scholarship

University of Auckland


Astrolabe Trust Scholarship

University of Waikato

$12,000 - $18,000

Pacific post-graduate scholarship

University of Auckland


Summer Research Scholarship

University of Auckland


Jobs and Careers

New Zealand offers immense opportunities for students to learn while attending their internships. Graduates from New Zealand universities can opt for various career opportunities, such as supply chain manager, purchasing agent, warehouse manager, operations manager, and data analyst. Here are some roles and responsibilities of each job profile in supply chain and logistics-


The pay scale of supply chain management in New Zealand varies by job, skills, experience and industry type. The average salary for logistics jobs is as follows -

Job Profile

Average Salary

Supply chain manager


Warehouse manager


Operations Manager


Logistics Manager


Top Universities for Supply Chain Management

Learn more about New Zealand universities that provide leading supply chain management courses below:

Study Supply Chain Management in New Zealand

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Supply Chain Management Courses FAQ

Is New Zealand good for supply chain courses?

The comprehensive course curriculum with internship and job opportunities in New Zealand has attracted many international students. As the demand for supply chain and logistics management is increasing globally, companies will offer more opportunities to people with relevant skills and domain knowledge. 

Are supply chain jobs in demand in New Zealand?

Supply chain and logistics management jobs in New Zealand are advantageous because of their high ROI, followed by working visa availability while studying. Some top companies in New Zealand are VirtualSpace, BookMyCar, and HW Richardson Group. 


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