New Zealand University Application Service

Application help for international students in New Zealand

International students face many challenges when deciding to study in New Zealand, but our customised application services can expertly assist you in receiving an offer.

SI-New Zealand Free Services

Application Support Service

SI-New Zealand’s university application service supports international students in applying to New Zealand institutions. Our consultants will assist you with the application process and edit your supporting documents.

SI-New Zealand Top Universities Service

Top New Zealand Universities Application Service

New Zealand is home to some of the best universities in the world, but entry can be competitive amongst international students. Our Top University Application Service will give you the best chance of successfully applying.

SI-New Zealand Visa Service

Student Visa Service

The Visa Service specialises in securing study visas in New Zealand for overseas students. Secure your Student Visa with our expert immigration team.

SI-New Zealand PhD Service

PhD Service

The PhD Service experts assist you in selecting a university, providing intensive interview practice, and also getting your personal statement and research proposal editing for submitting a successful PhD application.



"SI-New Zealandはニュージーランドでビジネスを勉強するための出願をサポートしてくれました。していただいたサポートに感謝してもしきれません。各ステップにおいて手伝ってくれましたし、大学・コース選定では全ての選択肢を私が理解していることを徹底してくれたので、出願プロセスをストレスフリーで進めることができました。."

Isabella Ramos ビジネスと経営

Isabella Ramos