Six Reasons to Study at Lincoln University (New Zealand)

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Lincoln University in New Zealand is a renowned institution known for its expertise in agriculture, land management, and related disciplines. With a rich history spanning over 140 years, the university has established itself as a leading institution in the field of agricultural sciences, environmental studies, business, and more.

The university is dedicated to providing high-quality education and research opportunities by offering various study programs across various disciplines, including agriculture, agribusiness, environmental management, landscape architecture, tourism, business, and more. The academic programs are designed to equip students with practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and critical thinking abilities, enabling them to excel in their chosen fields.

Find out more about the exact reasons why students choose Lincoln University below and if you are interested in studying at the university, book a free consultation with SI-New Zealand today to start your application. 

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Six Reasons to Choose Lincoln University

1. Academic Excellence

Lincoln University is widely recognised for its commitment to academic excellence, as it delivers high-quality education and produces well-prepared graduates for their chosen careers. The university basically offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including agriculture, agribusiness, environmental management, landscape architecture, tourism, business, and more. 

As New Zealand's specialist land-based university, Lincoln University excels in agricultural and land-based sciences. The university's programs are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking abilities specific to these fields. Faculty members are experts in their respective disciplines, ensuring that students receive the highest standard of education and mentorship. The academic programs are developed closely with industry partners, ensuring that the entire curriculum is relevant and aligned with industry needs.

2. Industry Integration and Partnerships

Lincoln University is deeply committed to fostering strong industry integration and establishing partnerships that enrich the educational experience of its students. It maintains strong ties with industry through the establishment of industry advisory boards that consist of industry experts and professionals who provide guidance and input on curriculum development, ensuring that academic programs remain relevant and aligned with industry requirements. The involvement of industry leaders helps shape the university's educational offerings and enhances graduates' employability and students have the chance to engage in internships, cooperative education placements, industry projects, and fieldwork because of these collaborations. 

The university also emphasises work-integrated learning opportunities to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Professional development and continuing education programs are provided to students that are specifically tailored to industry professionals. Additionally, the university invites guest lecturers and industry speakers to share their years of expertise and insights with students. These professionals bring real-world perspectives, industry trends, and practical experiences to the classroom.

3. Campus Life

Lincoln University offers a vibrant campus life fostering community, engagement, and personal growth. It boasts a diverse range of student clubs and organisations catering to students' various interests. Whether it's sports, arts, culture, academics, or community service, there are numerous opportunities for students to get involved and connect with like-minded individuals. 

The university hosts an array of events and festivals throughout the year, creating a lively and festive atmosphere on campus. These events include cultural celebrations, music festivals, sports tournaments, guest lectures, career fairs, and sustainability initiatives. The university also offers state-of-the-art recreational and sports facilities, encouraging students to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

4. World-class Research

Lincoln University has established itself as a leader in world-class research, conducting innovative studies that address global challenges in agriculture, environmental sciences, and related fields. By concentrating its research efforts in these areas, the university aims to make significant contributions to global knowledge and find sustainable solutions to pressing issues.

The university actively collaborates with national and international research institutions, government agencies, industry partners, and community organisations. Apart from these collaborations, the university invests greatly in state-of-the-art research facilities and technology to support innovative research. This includes well-equipped laboratories, field stations, research farms, and specialised equipment. Researchers have access to advanced analytical tools, molecular biology facilities, remote sensing technologies, and other cutting-edge resources, enabling them to conduct sophisticated research and analysis.

5. State-of-the-art Facilities 

Lincoln University is renowned for its specialist facilities, which provide students and researchers with state-of-the-art resources to enhance their learning, practical experience, and research endeavours. The university has collaborated with AgResearch, New Zealand's largest Crown Research Institute, to form a joint facility located on campus. This facility enables collaboration between researchers, students, and industry experts in agricultural and environmental sciences. It houses laboratories, research spaces, and advanced equipment, fostering innovative research and practical applications in agriculture, biosecurity, and related fields.

The university also houses a specialized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing Laboratory that provides students and researchers with access to advanced geospatial technologies, satellite imagery, and software tools for spatial analysis. It supports research in environmental management, land use planning, and natural resource assessment. Additionally, the university offers dedicated engineering and design studios equipped with modern equipment and tools. These specialist facilities at Lincoln University provide students and researchers with the necessary tools, equipment, and resources to excel in their respective fields. 

6. Great Location 

The location of Lincoln University offers a unique and advantageous experience for students, making it an excellent option to pursue their education. It is situated in the heart of New Zealand's South Island, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The campus is located near beautiful countryside, including picturesque farmland, mountains, forests, and rivers. Students have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the country's natural beauty, engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and skiing, and enjoy a peaceful and serene environment conducive to learning and personal well-being.

While Lincoln University offers a tranquil campus environment, it is conveniently located near urban centres. The city of Christchurch, New Zealand's third-largest city, is just a short distance away, and students can easily access the city's amenities, cultural events, entertainment venues, and career opportunities while still enjoying the benefits of a close-knit campus community. This balance between a peaceful rural setting and proximity to urban amenities provides a well-rounded student experience.


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