Studying HR Management in New Zealand

Introduction to studying a HR management degree in New Zealand

As an international student studying for a human resources management degree in New Zealand, students will comprehensively understand how to manage personnel within organizations. Typically lasting three years, common modules include organizational behaviour, employment law, recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, strategic HRM, and diversity management. Practical components such as case studies, group projects, and simulations are often integrated to provide students with hands-on experience.

Graduates of HRM degrees in New Zealand have promising career prospects in various industries and organizations. Typical employers include multinational corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and consulting firms. Roles may vary from HR generalists to recruitment, training, or organizational development specialists. Additionally, internships and placement opportunities are often available as part of HRM programs, allowing students to gain practical experience and build professional networks.

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Types of Human Resource Management Degrees

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Human Resource Management is an undergraduate degree that provides students with the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the hotel management industry. During the coursework, you will learn about administrative law, social work, personnel management, labour relations, and organisational behaviour. The course is delivered through lectures, seminars, and practical assessments. After completing the course, you can opt for careers like HR generalist, payroll assistant, and HR manager. 

Master’s of Human Resource Management

It is a postgraduate degree that is essential to a company's needs. The course is available in MA and MS. Master’s in Hotel Management Degree in New Zealand, which provides critical knowledge and skills for managing the collective relationships of an organisation's concerned employees. The coursework offers advanced learning in the concepts of human resource management in an organisation, including skills in identifying, developing, and retaining talent. Graduates in hotel management courses can opt for career paths like health and safety manager, industrial relations manager, and recruitment consultant. 


Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

Wellington Master’s by Thesis Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington


University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship

University of Waikato


University of Auckland International Student Excellence Award

University of Auckland


Jobs and Careers

Human resource graduates can apply to various organisations and companies to develop their interpersonal skills. The degree enhances leadership, time management, critical thinking, and active listening skills. Graduates can gain experience through placements and internships, where they have the opportunity to work part-time or full-time. Studying human resources can open up career paths in recruitment, business, and general management. Some highly demanding careers include human resources officer, training and development officer, management consultant, operational researcher, and health service manager. 


The salary of a human resource graduate varies according to educational qualifications, skills, and experience. In New Zealand, the average pay scale in human resources is around $76,798 annually. A fresher with one to three years of experience makes up to $60,700 annually. On the other hand, an experienced graduate with more than eight years of experience earns around $111,836 annually. 

Where can I study Human Resource Management in New Zealand?

Learn more about New Zealand universities and colleges that offer human resource management courses below:

Study Human Resource Management in New Zealand

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Is New Zealand good for studying human resource management?

Studying in New Zealand is an excellent choice for international students. The courses offer a hands-on approach to management, and the tuition fees are affordable, making it easier for students to study. 

What are the benefits of getting an HRM degree from New Zealand?

An HRM degree comes with many work opportunities at companies and organisations from any field. Some of the most popular careers include HR consultant, Occupational psychologist, and Human Resources Assistant.  

What kind of career opportunities are there in New Zealand after studying HRM?

After completing the HR management course, you can pursue a career as a human resource officer, occupational psychologist, payroll specialist, or human resources assistant with an average salary of $76,798 annually. 

Which are the best universities in New Zealand to study HRM?

The top three universities in New Zealand that offer human resource management studies are the University of Auckland, the University of Otago, and Massey University. 

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