Postgraduate Degrees in New Zealand

Studying a Postgraduate Course in New Zealand

A postgraduate course in New Zealand follows the successful completion of a bachelor's degree, generally lasting 1-2 years.

New Zealand is home to some of the leading universities in the world, renowned for their quality teaching and research. A New Zealand postgraduate degree is held in high esteem by employers, and for students studying in New Zealand presents a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in a multicultural and exciting community of academics and students. You will:

Types of Postgraduate Course in New Zealand

Taught Master's

A master's degree (thesis) lasts for 1 to 2 years and requires the submission of a thesis for assessment. Students are assessed on their ability to produce methodical, theory-based, and collaborative research on a specific topic of their choosing. A master's degree (non-thesis) lasts 1 to 2 years and is a traditionally taught master's degree which will see students complete a report or project for their assessment.


A research degree requires students to take responsibility for work and submit a thesis for their research work under the supervision of an academic guide. The most popular research degree is a PhD, which can take 4-7 years to complete.

How much does a New Zealand master's cost?

In terms of English-speaking countries, New Zealand is amongst the most affordable for international students. Tuition fees vary depending on the type of master's you wish to study, which province/city you wish to live in, and what university you attend.

Study a Master's in New Zealand

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