What are the Best Law Courses in New Zealand?

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New Zealand is home to some of the world’s best law schools, offering business, litigation, and compulsory law programmes to students looking for the best possible preparation for their future law careers.

Studying in New Zealand provides an appropriate basis for practising law in New Zealand or a country with a system subject to the Common Law of England. If English is your first preference, studying law education in New Zealand is also an excellent choice, as you can practice law in English-speaking jurisdictions.

Most law programs in New Zealand focus on practical experience by offering internships and clinical programs; practical training can help graduates become better lawyers as they learn about courtroom etiquette, interpret laws while preparing drafts, and much more. After studying law in New Zealand, students can choose different career paths, such as judge, legal consultant, or legal journalist.

Learn more about the best law schools in New Zealand below (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024) and book a free consultation with SI-New Zealand today to begin your application to study in New Zealand.

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Top Five Law Courses in New Zealand

1. University of Auckland

The Auckland Law School of the University of Auckland is one of the best law schools in New Zealand. The school's main objective is to provide a broad understanding of law and improve access to justice through excellence in teaching, research, service, and engagement. The law degree in New Zealand will help you gain analytical, communication, and research skills. 

After completing the course, graduates have taken up positions in New Zealand (NZ) law firms. In contrast, others have begun their careers in other professional organisations, which include accounting and consulting, national and local government, teaching, and research. 

2. Victoria University

The Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Law is ranked number one in New Zealand for its research quality. The law school campus is over the road from the Beehive and Supreme Court, near high and district courts, parliament, government departments, etc. 

Victoria University of Wellington uses the method of teaching as discussion-based learning (Socratic method). The LLB degree in New Zealand has a reputation for being challenging and competitive while giving students a strong foundation in the theory and practice of law. After graduating, students can work as solicitors or conduct legal practice in areas like policy, business consultancy, or advocacy. 

3. University of Otago

The University of Otago's Faculty of Law is a leader in legal research in New Zealand. It was the first university to teach law in 1873 and one of the oldest disciplines. The school comprises top-quality academics with a strong publications record and believes in offering world-class education for social change. One must secure an IELTS score of 7.5 to apply for the program. 

After completing a law degree at New Zealand’s University of Otago, graduates can work in national and international firms, conduct legal research, or practice in finance, business, education, etc.

4. University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury's (UC) Faculty of Law is situated on the third floor of the Meremere building. The law school constantly rocks and ranks globally in the top 150 law schools. The department has a strong reputation in traditional law and offers innovative courses investigating how law intersects with Antarctica, the sport, the media, and medicine. 

5. University of Waikato

The University of Waikato's Faculty of Law was established upon three core principles: professionalism, biculturalism, and studying law in context. The department is dedicated and strongly focuses on developing students' practical skills. The Council of Legal Education recognises the University of Waikato's law courses. In addition, postgraduate degree programs are taught through seminars or supervised research. 

Career Prospects and Salary After Law Degree in New Zealand

New Zealand has solid economic growth and a political outlook, and it has many opportunities for international and domestic students after graduation.

Career paths

Average Salary





Family lawyer


Litigation Attorney


Practising Law in New Zealand

The New Zealand Council of Legal Education (NZCLE) approves the law degree in New Zealand. So, after graduating from a law school in New Zealand, you will be eligible to complete the Professional Legal Studies (PLS) course to be admitted as a Barrister or a Solicitor to practice law in New Zealand.

Study Law in New Zealand

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