Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand for International Students

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Part-time jobs in New Zealand for international students offer an exciting culture and space to learn and practice English and come with many benefits.  There are many part-time job opportunities for students studying in New Zealand, from dog walkers to customer service to personal trainers to tutoring.

The average pay of a part-time worker is $20 hourly in New Zealand. They can work up to 20 hours weekly while studying and 40 hours during holidays. However, students must follow the guidelines as issued by the official authorities. Students can find part-time job opportunities in New Zealand on various platforms, such as support service pages and recruitment portals.

In the March 2023 quarter, the labour participation rate was 72.2%, with an employability rate of 69.5%. In New Zealand, 550,000 part-time workers have joined since December 2022, with weekly earnings rising by 4.3%. Learn more about part-time jobs in New Zealand below, and if you want to study here, contact SI-New Zealand for a free consultation today.

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Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand for International Students - Highlights

Total Part-timers (as of Dec 2022)


High-demanding job sectors

Engineering, IT, Managers, Educators, etc. 

Minimum wage


Total monthly hours of work

>30 hours for part-timers

Part-time jobs in New Zealand

Retail sales assistant, supermarket assistant, bartender, call centre worker, and waiter/waitress. 

Benefits of Working Part-Time in New Zealand

A part-time job while studying abroad is a fantastic way to make extra money to meet expenses and enjoy more social activities.

1. Building social and language skills

Moving out of your home is challenging, as is moving into another country's atmosphere. Working part-time lets you break your comfort zone and work in real-time. Moreover, it will enable you to establish new relationships and learn their languages and cultures, which can be an initial step towards entering the company world.

2. Improves money managing

Another essential benefit of part-time jobs in New Zealand is you become more responsible and confident. You learn how to plan your finances and funds smartly and master living independently. 

3. Personal development for the future

A part-time job helps to develop your skills and hands-on training, which is not taught in the classroom. You become more independent, ready to take initiative and think outside the box, which can help in the future. 

4. Improve time-management abilities

While working part-time, you might find managing your work time and class schedule challenging. As a result, you will learn how to manage your time without stressing yourself out. 

Types of Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand

Here are some of the most popular jobs in New Zealand that are available to international students.

Eligibility Criteria to Work Part-Time in New Zealand

International students who want to work part-time in New Zealand must follow specific eligibility criteria issued by the government. The applicant must be:

Students under 18 must provide a written permission application or statement to work. During all planned holiday periods, students may work part-time up to twenty hours a week and entirely during the term. One must apply for a post-study work visa before the student visa expires. The employment visa permits you to work for one, two, or three years, depending on the educational qualifications and other factors. 

Top Cities in New Zealand to Work

New Zealand is a city that’s constantly growing and developing. Hence, it’s always in search of qualified workers. Here are the top cities in New Zealand to work along with their average job openings as of February 2023:


Number of job openings (as of Feb 2023)

Primary sectors that are driving the job market



Finance, insurance, manufacturing, wholesale



Healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and retail



Science and tech, government, healthcare, finance, real estate, and education



Accommodation and food, construction, real estate, and technology



Manufacturing, publishing, arts, tourism, and tech-based

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