Business and Management Courses in New Zealand

Introduction to studying business and management in New Zealand

A business and management course is a discipline committed to developing the administration of organizations, which includes planning, organizing, and controlling the different aspects of business operations. It has a wide range of fields of study, which include:

Business and management courses in New Zealand encompass a broader scope than you might initially imagine. They revolve around coordinating and administrating business activities, analyzing and predicting economic and financial market trends, and allocating resources to achieve specific objectives. Management applies to various domains, including accounting, human resources, marketing, etc. Pursuing a business management degree equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead organizations of all sizes, cultivating your abilities as a valuable team player with a knack for creativity and innovation. Additionally, you'll develop strong interpersonal skills, sharpen analytical and problem-solving capabilities, and gain financial acumen.

Studying in New Zealand is a strategic decision, given its 0.08% higher return on investment than other countries. Furthermore, business and management education demand is projected to grow significantly. The business and management courses in New Zealand cover a wide array of topics, including marketing, finance, economics, organizational management, management information systems, international trade, and more – all taught at top-tier business schools.

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Types of Business and Management Courses in New Zealand

Diploma in Business and Management Studies

A diploma in business and management courses is a pathway to bachelor’s programs in New Zealand. It comprises business management and administration, financial management, global business, organizational behavior, etc. Students can opt for diploma programs in various specializations, such as sports management, marketing, supply chain, etc. 

Bachelor’s of Business and Management

An undergraduate business and management degree prepares students to develop coherent and broad knowledge and skills in a discipline for professional work and further learning. The curriculum covers essential business areas, such as marketing and strategic management, while preparing students for employment in all sectors and industries. It ensures that graduates are highly adaptive and ready to pivot to meet industry needs. 

Master's in Business Management

The postgraduate degree (MBM/MBA) is designed for graduates in any bachelor’s discipline- from arts to engineering to social sciences. The curriculum provides an in-depth understanding of the fast-paced global business environment and hones your skills in all aspects of business and management courses in New Zealand. In addition, students will develop strong communication and problem-solving skills and learn techniques to lead and manage an organization. 

Doctorate in Business Management Studies

A PhD in business management comprises areas of management that provide a better understanding of different elements of corporate governance, such as human resources, operations, financial administration, sales, and marketing, preparing them for careers in teaching and research. 

Specializations in Business Management NZ

The business and management studies are vast. Students interested in pursuing an MBA or Bachelors in Management can opt from any specializations below:

Scholarships for Business and Management in New Zealand

Many New Zealand universities offer scholarships and financial assistance to students based on their academic performance and other criteria. Some popular New Zealand scholarships are provided to international students enrolled in business and management courses. The scholarships are either university-specified, government-funded, etc. 

Scholarship name

Offered by


Helen Macmillan Brown Bursary 

University of Canterbury


University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship

University of Auckland


Tongarewa Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington


Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship

University of Waikato


Alison Mac Gibbon Fund

University of Canterbury


WelTec Excellence Awards

Whitireia New Zealand and WelTec


Jobs and Careers

The most crucial benefit of studying business management in New Zealand is the graduate holders create lifelong opportunities as companies recruit from a particular study area. As of 2022, the employability rate in New Zealand is 69.5, which is relatively high. 

Most people who have completed their studies at NZ universities work in positions such as - financial manager, business analyst, business director, marketing executive, etc. However, the average salary can depend on the various MBA colleges in NZ. For example, a fresher in New Zealand can earn up to $85,000 annually after an MBA. 

Some popular career prospects include - business advisor, human resource manager, operations manager, chief executive officer, media executive, finance executive, etc.


In the business sector, your pay scale can vary depending on the following factors -

Here is the average NZ payscale for a business management degree:

Job profile

Average salary (annual)

Insurance agent




Finance Executive


Operations Manager


Market analyst


Top Universities for Business and Management in NZ

To learn more about the best business and management courses in New Zealand, find details of the top ranking universities in the QS World University Rankings by subject 2023 below



Acceptance rate


University of Auckland



University of Otago



Victoria University of Wellington



Auckland University of Technology



Massey University



University of Canterbury



University of Waikato


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Business and Management in New Zealand FAQ

Is New Zealand a good option for a master’s in business management?

The education standards of New Zealand are exceptional, with 0.08% higher ROI compared to other countries. In addition, it has diverse funding options, followed by working visa availability, which makes New Zealand a good choice for pursuing a master’s in business management. 

How much will it cost to study business management in New Zealand?

The cost of an education in business and management depends on the degree chosen. For example, an undergraduate degree can range around $30,000- $37,000. On the other hand, an MBA degree can cost anywhere from $50,000 - $60,000. 

Is New Zealand suitable for business studies?

New Zealand is home to some of the top business schools in the world, with more than 50 specializations in business and management. The courses in NZ are well-structured and worth every penny, as they equip students with theoretical and practical skills, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.





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