Accounting and Finance Courses in New Zealand

Introduction to studying an accounting and finance degree in New Zealand

Accounting and finance are two distinct disciplines that are closely related. Financial accounting is the branch concerned with summarizing, analyzing, and reporting financial transactions associated with the business. Individuals who study accounting and finance are trained to handle an organization’s economic transactions using the latest trends and techniques. 

The finance courses curriculum in New Zealand is designed to equip students with critical skills and meet the demands of IT industries. At the graduate level, students will grasp a foundation in accounting principles, financial management, taxation, and auditing. At the postgraduate level, students can specialize in various areas, such as corporate, finance, investment banking, accounting analysis, etc.

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Types of Accounting and Finance Degrees in New Zealand

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

A diploma in accounting and finance offers in-depth theoretical knowledge and aims to build practical knowledge in accounting. Students are trained with computer-related software, like Tally and QuickBooks. The curriculum comprises concepts and principles of accounting, modern practices, cash flows, and corporate laws, which are interpreted in real-world situations. The course emphasizes strengthening analytical and critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills. 

Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance (BAF)

A bachelor’s in finance degree is a popular choice for individuals interested in pursuing a career in accountancy. The bachelor’s course comes in different specializations, like B.Sc and B.Com in accounting and finance. The curriculum offers an in-depth knowledge and understanding required in finance and accounting. Students learn to prepare financial statements, make investment decisions, and manage financial resources smartly. Bachelor in accounting graduates can pursue various career paths, such as financial analysts, auditors, accountants, investment bankers, etc. 

Master’s in Accounting and Finance (MAF)

MAF course provides you with the skills and knowledge at a higher level. The curriculum is designed to focus on the concepts and principles of finance and accounting to develop a scientific reasoning ability with the help of appropriate technology in accounting and finance. 

With M.Sc in accounting and finance, students can develop innovative thinking and problem-solving skills by understanding and analyzing the problem. At the same time, they will receive a detailed understanding of corporate finance, financial reporting and analysis, compliance, and adherence to current accounting. 

PhD in Accounting and Finance

The curriculum of a doctorate in accounting and finance focuses on decision theory, statistical analysis, and economics to address account-related problems. During the course, students will be prepared to develop the framework and abilities required to conduct thorough research through the foundational programs, such as economics, finance, etc. 

Specializations in Finance Courses in New Zealand

Here is a breakdown of some of the significant subjects and disciplines of accounting and finance:


Many New Zealand universities offer scholarships and grants to international students based on their academic performance and other financial criteria. Here are some of the top New Zealand scholarships for accounting and finance for international students. 


Offered by


Deutsche Bank Financial Markets and Investment Banking Scholarships

University of Otago

$2,500/two years

AUT International Scholarships - South Asia

Auckland University of Technology


Ernst and Young Scholarship in Accounting

Victoria University of Wellington


Wiliam Emery Scholarship in Commerce

University of Otago


Allan Gibson Accountancy Scholarship 

Massey University


Jobs and Careers

After completing an accounting degree in New Zealand, students get a route to participate in many career opportunities. A finance graduate can work in different fields, such as accountancy firms, management consultancies, high street banks, insurance companies, etc. The average annual income of an accounting and finance graduate in New Zealand will be around $65,000 - $1,75,000, depending on the experience and skills gained. Some highly demanding careers in accounting and finance are chartered accountants, financial analysts, management consultants, auditors, and tax accountants. 


In the financial industry, the salary can vary depending on educational qualifications, location skills, and experience. Here is a pay scale for common designations in finance:

Financial accountant




Tax manager


Tax accountant


Business analyst


Top Universities for Accounting and Finance in New Zealand

To learn more about the best accounting and finance courses in New Zealand, find details of the top-ranking Accounting and Finance universities in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024:



Acceptance rate


University of Auckland



Victoria University of Wellington



Auckland University of Technology



Massey University



University of Otago



University of Canterbury



University of Waikato


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Is accounting in demand in New Zealand?

In short, yes. Accounting courses in New Zealand are in high demand due to its regional skill shortage list, which means the NZ government is actively encouraging skilled accountants from overseas to work in the country. 

How long does studying accountancy in New Zealand take?

The time to study accountancy in New Zealand can vary depending on the degree you consider doing and the number of credit hours you intend to follow. For example, a Bachelor’s in accounting takes around three years to complete; a master’s degree can take up to two years. 

How much does it cost to study accounting and finance in New Zealand?

The cost of studying accounting and finance in NZ can vary depending on the course/specialization you choose; at the undergraduate level, the fee is around $25,150 -35,000 annually, and for the master’s, the annual fee is around $40,000-$50,000. 

What are the eligibility criteria for a master’s in finance in New Zealand?

For a master's, the applicants must have completed their bachelor’s or honours degree in accounting from a recognized university—a GPA of 6.0 or higher, relevant experience, and a qualifying English proficiency test.

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