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Introduction to studying an animation program in New Zealand

Studying for an animation degree in New Zealand as an international student offers a unique blend of academic rigour and practical application in a vibrant cultural setting. Typically, the curriculum covers various modules, including animation principles, character design, 3D modelling, visual effects, storytelling, and digital production techniques. These modules equip students with the theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to thrive in the competitive animation industry. The duration of the course typically ranges from three to four years, providing ample time for students to develop their expertise and build a strong portfolio.

New Zealand is increasingly becoming a popular choice for studying animation due to its world-class education system, stunning natural landscapes that inspire creativity, and thriving film and animation industry. The country boasts renowned animation studios such as Weta Digital, which worked on blockbuster films like "The Lord of the Rings" and "Avatar," offering unparalleled placement and internship opportunities for students. These opportunities allow students to gain invaluable industry experience and establish connections with professionals, enhancing their employability upon graduation.

Upon completing their degree, animation graduates in New Zealand have promising career prospects in various sectors, including film, television, gaming, advertising, and digital media production.

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Types of Animation Degrees in New Zealand

New Zealand’s animation programs are renowned for their hands-on approach. They encourage students to explore their creativity and develop technical knowledge through practical projects and industry-relevant assignments.

Bachelor’s of Animation

The Bachelor’s in Animation is an undergraduate degree designed to deliver an industry-aligned and adaptive animation curriculum. You will learn about the craft of animated storytelling, art and design skills for visual communication, project management, communication and business skills. Besides, there will be opportunities to work on team-based projects and personal animation projects. Some popular careers include character technical director, digital artist, virtual producer, and concept artist. 

Master’s of Animation (Creative Media Production)

A master’s degree in animation is a postgraduate degree that assists students in developing their skills by combining traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. During the program, you will cover topics and subjects related to character animation, motion graphics, animation and interaction, and audio techniques. 

You will build a strong foundation in character building, modelling, and direction with advanced technology like Maya and 3D Max. Some popular careers include 3D animator, digital marketing creative specialist, and animator. 


Some top scholarship programs available for animation programs in New Zealand are:

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value (NZD)

Weta FX MDT Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington


University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship

University of Waikato


Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship

Auckland University of Technology


Jobs and Careers

The animation industry in New Zealand is growing rapidly and offers a wide range of opportunities for graduates. You can opt for careers like 3D animator, character designer, concept artist, and storyboard artist. If you are interested in the media field, you can also look for the television and film industry, video game development, and marketing. Some of the top employers of animation graduates in New Zealand are Huhu Studios, PIXAR Animation Studios, and Weta Digital. 


The average salary of an animation graduate in New Zealand is around $75,000 annually. Entry-level positions in the digital media industry pay $60,000 annually. On the other hand, an experienced employee in animation pays $106,050 annually. However, the pay scale depends on skills, experience, and job location. 

Top Universities for Animation Courses in New Zealand

Learn more about universities in New Zealand that offer digital media degrees below:

Study Animation in New Zealand

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How long do these courses typically take to complete?

A bachelor’s degree in animation typically takes three years, while a master’s degree takes two years. 

Are there job opportunities in New Zealand after completing Animation courses?

After completing an animation course in New Zealand, you can pursue careers as a 3D creative designer, graphic artist, or animation texture artist. 

Can international students work while studying animation in New Zealand?

Yes, New Zealand offers post-study work opportunities to international students.

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