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Introduction to education studies programs at New Zealand universities

Studying education studies in New Zealand as an international student provides a rich and immersive academic experience that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application in diverse educational settings. The curriculum encompasses a wide array of modules, including educational psychology, curriculum development, teaching methodologies, classroom management, and assessment strategies. 

New Zealand's education studies programs are a popular choice for international students seeking quality education in a culturally diverse and inclusive environment. Internship and placement opportunities are available in a variety of educational settings, including primary and secondary schools, early childhood education centres, special education facilities, and community organizations, providing students with invaluable hands-on experience and professional development opportunities.

Upon completing their degree, education studies graduates in New Zealand have a range of career prospects in the field of education, including roles as classroom teachers, educational consultants, curriculum developers, education policy analysts, and educational administrators.

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Types of Education Studies Degrees in New Zealand

Many universities in New Zealand offer education courses delivered at diploma, bachelor’s, and postgraduate levels. The programs can range from short-term workshops or seminars to long-term programs that take several years to complete. You will gain knowledge, skills, and understanding of the relevant field through the course.

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

The Bachelor of Education in New Zealand is an undergraduate course comprising coursework and practical education, during which you will observe and teach in various settings. The program is delivered through lectures, tutorials, and workshops, providing various practical ideas and resources. Some popular subjects and topics include the history of education and society, arts education, developing learning outcomes, and health and physical education. 

Graduates in this specialisation are equipped to teach in Maori medium, bilingual education, and primary and intermediate schools. Some popular careers include policy adviser, primary teacher, and special needs specialist. 

Master of Education (MEd)

The Master of Education is a postgraduate course designed for educational practitioners. It focuses on advanced topics in education, including curriculum design, educational psychology, assessment and evaluation, and educational leadership, followed by a thesis submission. You can develop and improve your skills through the course to better serve students and help them advance in their careers. Graduates in the career can gain skills and knowledge to take leading roles in effective planning, coordination, and management. Some popular careers include education sector leader, human resources practitioner, and trainer in organisations. 

Doctor of Education (EdD)

PhD in Education in New Zealand is an advanced degree program designed to develop experts and leaders in education. The course focuses on developing new knowledge in educational practice. During the coursework, you will demonstrate an ability to research independently and possess a theoretical understanding. 

The curriculum is divided into two parts. Part I is dedicated to part-time coursework, which involves guided cohort work and a thesis submission. At the end of the second year, you must submit a research proposal and present it in a public confirmation seminar. On the other hand, part II is a thesis of original research, building on the work completed in Part I. After completing doctorate research, you can opt for a career as a lecturer or conduct research in a designated discipline. 


International students pursuing education studies in New Zealand can register for scholarships and grants that provide financial support. Here is the list of the scholarships available for teaching courses in New Zealand. 

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

Wellington’s Master’s by Thesis Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington


Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship for India

University of Waikato


University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship

University of Auckland


Tongarewa Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington


Jobs and Careers

Education courses in New Zealand offer various career opportunities to international students. Graduates can explore various careers, including teaching, policy advising, and consulting. The demand for education professionals in New Zealand is high, and many job opportunities are available in the public and private sectors.

Popular career options for education studies graduates in New Zealand include primary and secondary school teaching, education policy advising, education consultancy, and educational research. Graduates can also opt for vocational and adult education careers, which are in high demand in New Zealand. 


The average salary for education professionals in New Zealand ranges from $57,774 to $92,842 annually. Salary varies depending on the type of career and level of experience. Graduates with a Master of Education in New Zealand or PhD graduates are likely to earn a higher salary than those with a Bachelor of Education degree.

Top Universities for Education Studies in New Zealand

To learn more about the best education studies courses in New Zealand, find details on the top-ranking education studies universities in the EduRank Guide 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


University of Auckland



University of Waikato



University of Otago



Massey University



Victoria University of Wellington



University of Canterbury



Auckland University of Technology



Lincoln University


Study Education Studies in New Zealand

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Is it necessary to have teaching experience to enrol in an education studies program?

Not necessarily; however, some universities require specific years of teaching experience before enrolling in the education studies degree. 

Do education studies programs in New Zealand include practical teaching experience?

Yes, the education courses in New Zealand cover practical teaching, where you get to learn and gain hands-on learning experience. 

What career opportunities can I pursue after completing Education Studies in New Zealand?

After completing their education studies degree in New Zealand, graduates may work in various roles, such as training and development advisers, educational resource developers, mentor teachers, university lecturers, and career counsellors.

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