Studying Film Studies in New Zealand

Introduction to studying a film studies degree

Studying a Film Studies degree in New Zealand as an international student offers a dynamic exploration of cinema as an art form. Programs focus on film theory, history, criticism, and production, with modules commonly including film analysis, genre studies, screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and sound design. Practical components such as film production projects, workshops, and internships are often integrated to provide students with hands-on experience in filmmaking.

New Zealand is a popular destination for international students pursuing Film Studies degrees due to its thriving film industry, stunning landscapes, and renowned film schools. The country's rich cinematic heritage, exemplified by internationally acclaimed filmmakers like Peter Jackson and Taika Waititi, makes it an ideal environment for studying film. Internship and placement opportunities are often available in various film industry sectors, including production houses, post-production studios, film festivals, and media agencies.

Typical employers include film production companies, television networks, advertising agencies, film festivals, and cultural organizations.

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Types of Film Studies Degrees in New Zealand

Here is the list of film-making courses available in New Zealand and their fees and entry requirements.

Bachelor of Film Studies 

The Bachelor of Film Studies is an undergraduate programme that teaches about the film industry, its history, and genres. During the course, you will learn about the tools and techniques used in film direction. You will analyse films' structure, cinematic style, and storytelling. The course curriculum comprises the evolution of movies and filmmaking, screenwriting, and French New Wave. 

After studying a filmmaking course in New Zealand, you will learn the art of critical analysis for themes, theories, and technical aspects of filmmaking. Career paths include filmmaking, film reviewing, marketing and public relations, and event management.

Master’s of Film Studies

The master’s of film studies program is an integrated course focusing on two specialisations: filmmaking and screen producing. During the course, you will learn about intensive, studio-based training in film and television production, writing, directing, editing, and preparing you for the industry. The coursework includes professional industry placement, a film festival, and industry market experience, effectively developing interpersonal, technical, and intellectual skills. After completing a master’s in film studies in New Zealand, you can pursue a career as a film editor, media researcher, and sound technician. 


Many Australian universities offer scholarships to students based on their academic performance and financial status. Here are some of the top scholarships available for film studies in New Zealand:

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

MFAT New Zealand Scholarships for International Students

The Southern Institute of Technology, New Zealand


Jobs and Careers

Film Studies graduates have vast career pathways in film studies. The industry is competitive, and networking is an effective way of finding opportunities in the film and screen industry. Graduates must create a portfolio showcasing their work, such as documentaries, festivals, and events. Film studies graduates can work in advertising, cultural and heritage organisations, digital design companies, and marketing. Some popular careers include arts administrator, television camera operator, broadcast presenter, and concept artist. Employers in film studies include BBC, Amazon, and Netflix. 


The average salary of a film graduate ranges between $70,000 to $86,000 annually. Freshers can make around $55,300 annually, while the most experienced employers can make around $276,957 annually. 

Top Universities for Film Studies in New Zealand

To learn more about film studies courses in New Zealand, find details on the top-ranking film studies universities in New Zealand in the EduRank Guide 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


Victoria University of Wellington



University of Auckland



University of Otago



University of Waikato



Auckland University of Technology



Massey University



University of Canterbury


Study a Film Degree in New Zealand

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Why should I consider studying film studies in New Zealand?

New Zealand is home to several top-ranking universities worldwide. The film studies courses are designed to enhance the creative and technical scope of designers, performers, and creators, creating a space to work practically. The degree prepares students to compete in the hustle and bustle of the media industry. 

What is the duration of film studies programs in New Zealand?

The duration of film studies depends on the course you’re applying for. For undergraduate programs, the course duration is three years, and for master’s, it is two years.

What types of film studies programs are available in New Zealand?

The film studies course is available for various specialisations, such as film production, cinematography, and screenwriting. 

What are the career prospects for film studies graduates in New Zealand?

Film studies graduates in New Zealand have many career options, from media to marketing. Some popular career paths include film/video director, production designer, and broadcast presenter. 

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