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Introduction to studying a mathematics degree

Mathematics degrees in New Zealand typically span three years for a bachelor's degree and cover a variety of modules aimed at developing a strong foundation in core mathematical concepts. Modules may include calculus, algebra, statistics, discrete mathematics, and advanced topics in pure and applied mathematics and New Zealand's universities emphasize a balance between theoretical understanding and practical problem-solving skills, offering students a well-rounded mathematical education.

Upon completing a mathematics degree in New Zealand, international students can explore various career opportunities; typical employers include government agencies, research institutions, financial firms, technology companies, and educational institutions. Mathematics graduates may find roles as data analysts, statisticians, actuaries, software developers, or researchers. The versatility of a mathematics degree equips graduates to navigate a range of industries where their analytical skills and quantitative expertise are highly valued.

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Types of Mathematics Degrees

Many New Zealand universities offer various degrees in various disciplines. These programs are available in undergraduate or postgraduate. Some universities also offer certificate courses to help you understand the subject better. 

B.Sc in Mathematics

A BSc in Mathematics is an undergraduate course where you learn core theories and gain analytical and practical problem-solving skills. The courses or topics comprise calculus, linear algebra, number theory, probability and statistics. Overall, the program will allow you to develop your skills in communication, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. 

BA in Mathematics

If you like to think through problems analytically or logically and seek new solutions to problems, then pursuing a BA in mathematics can be a good choice for you. It opens up a variety of opportunities. From securing sensitive information using cryptocurrency to calculating the orbit of a satellite, mathematics is a blend of applied mathematics, logic, and computational thinking. 

You will develop various skills and techniques during the course, especially algebra and calculus. You will also learn to formulate, solve, restate, and resolve problems and gain computational and simulation techniques on computers. After completing mathematics courses in New Zealand, you can explore several career options in finance and banking, education, manufacturing, and government departments. 

MSc in Mathematics

A Master of Science in Mathematics is a postgraduate program that will help you better understand the subject. You will work closely with lectures and work full-time on a one to two-semester research project. The subjects or topics covered in the program include applied mathematics, geometry, calculus, number theory, differential equations, and algebra. 

MSc mathematics degree in New Zealand deals with advanced concepts in maths. Plenty of mathematics colleges in New Zealand offer mathematics programs. Some popular jobs and careers include quantitative research analyst, data scientist, mathematics specialist, and chartered accountant. 

Master of Mathematical Sciences

A Master of Mathematical Sciences is a flexible course that allows you to upgrade your mathematics, data, and statistics skills. Through the program, you will be able to demonstrate your capacity for independent thinking and develop analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills that will enable you to position yourself in your future career. You will also learn about contemporary problems, technological developments, and breakthroughs in global market research. 


Here are some top scholarships for students pursuing mathematics courses in New Zealand. 

Name of the Scholarship

Offered by

Award Value

Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington


UC International First-Year Scholarship

University of Canterbury


Massey University Mathematics Scholarships

Massey University


Jobs and Careers in Mathematics in New Zealand

Mathematics is a subject that can be used in most career fields, ranging from technology to medicine. Mathematics graduates have diverse career options in applied mathematics, data science, and statistics. You can also prepare for a teaching role in mathematics or pursue career options in business, education, the public sector, and specific technical fields like system design or risk analysis. 


The pay scale in New Zealand for mathematical graduates depends on various factors, including skills, experience, and job location. The average salary in New Zealand after a mathematics degree is $75,000. Employees with less than two years of experience can earn around $85,000. At the same time, someone with three to five years of experience can earn approximately $114,000. An experienced employee with ten years or more can earn around $168,000 - $259,000 annually. 

Top Universities for Mathematics Courses in New Zealand

To learn more about mathematics courses in New Zealand, find details on the top-ranking mathematics universities in New Zealand in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 below:



Acceptance rate


University of Canterbury



University in Waikato



University of Otago



Auckland University of Technology



The University of Auckland



Victoria University of Wellington



Massey University


Study Mathematics in New Zealand

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What types of mathematics courses are offered in New Zealand?

The mathematics universities in New Zealand offer programs in bachelor's, diploma, master’s, and research degrees. These degree courses are available in specialisation areas like partial differential equations, statistics, computational and applied mathematics, and algebraic geometry. 

Can international students work part-time while studying mathematics in New Zealand?

With a New Zealand visa, you can work part-time for at least 20 hours per week if you have applied for a full-time course. The validity is available for two years. 

Are there post-graduation work opportunities for mathematics graduates in New Zealand?

Students pursuing postgraduate courses in mathematics can opt for careers in business, education, the public sector, and specific technical fields like system design or risk analysis. Some exciting and high-demand career options include - business analyst, market researcher, financial planner, mathematics lecturer, and data scientist.

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