Psychology Courses in New Zealand

Studying a psychology degree in New Zealand

Psychology studies the human mind and behaviour and seeks to understand and explain thought and emotion. Most psychology programmes seek to give students a broad background in practical applications, experimental methodology, information technology and theory construction. Psychology modules include research, statistic methods, brain behaviour, and different branches of psychology such as criminal, educational, applied, law, management and forensic.

New Zealand universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in social psychology, cognitive science, language and culture evolution, and human neuroscience. After completing a psychology degree, students can adapt various skills, such as problem-solving, research, thinking out of the box, analytical and creative thinking, communication skills, etc. They can work in areas like schools, clinics, and forensic and research centres, with an average pay scale of $92,000.

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Types of Degrees

Bachelor’s in Psychology

Studying for a bachelor's degree in psychology is a program comprising complementary major subjects covering various areas across psychology. The teaching is conducted offline, with lab work, lectures, and tutorials. 

Students will learn to use modern technologies like brain imaging, virtual reality, and mixed reality to understand people’s emotions and physical responses to stressful scenarios. During the coursework, students will gain skills in critical thinking, cultural awareness, ethical scholarship, and written and oral communication. 

After completing a bachelor’s, one can opt for a Hons or master’s program or get into a career in the healthcare, government, and education sectors.

Master’s in Psychology

A master’s in psychology is a graduate-level degree designed to prepare students for careers in psychology. The curriculum offers a detailed understanding of where one can learn about fundamental principles and guiding values related to psychology. Students will be given opportunities to enhance their hands-on skills during the coursework. They will be involved in group projects, tasks, and placement opportunities with various organizations and community groups. 

Doctorate in Bachelor of Psychology in New Zealand

A doctoral psychology programme is an advanced degree focusing on the clinical psychology of humans and other species and researching treatments and causes. During the coursework, postgraduate graduates can showcase their authentic research skills on relevant topics and work on various PhD proposals, such as cognitive neuroscience research, social attitudes, personality, and health outcomes. 

Scholarships for Psychology Courses in New Zealand

New Zealand universities offer various scholarships to international students to support them financially. Here are some of the top scholarships that cover living and tuition fees of students:

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

University of Waikato Tuition Scholarship 

University of Waikato

$20,000 (undergraduate) and $15,000 (postgraduate students)

Master of Health Psychology First-Year Student Prize

University of Auckland


International Master’s Research Scholarship

University of Otago


AUT International Excellence Scholarship

Auckland University of Technology


Jobs and Careers 

After pursuing a psychology degree in New Zealand, students receive various career opportunities in high demand.  Psychologists can work in sports, clinics, rehabilitation centres, research platforms, and more. Apart from psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors, there are much more unconventional career scopes that are currently trending, which are as follows: The demand for psychologists is expected to grow by 14% by the end of 2026. 

Art therapists 

Use creativity to help clients cope with psychological distress and uplift emotional well-being. Art therapy can be used for adults suffering from mental health, people who have experienced any traumatic event, or children with disabilities. 

Clinical psychologists

These psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat people who have psychological disorders. Clinical psychologists mainly work in hospitals, clinics, and rehab centres or perform private practices. 

Forensic or Criminal Psychologists

Forensic or criminal psychologists apply their study and knowledge in investigation and law procedures. It is one of the best careers to look out for in New Zealand. They mainly work with other experts to perform child custody evaluations and investigate child exploitation, abuse, and more. 

Traffic Psychologists

It is one of the emerging careers in the field of psychology courses in New Zealand (NZ). They are responsible for applying psychological principles to understand drivers’ behaviour, look for ways to improve traffic safety, and educate people on transportation without the risk of getting injured. 

Career Counsellor

Career counsellors help the young generation to make wise decisions in their careers. They also help in the assessment of personality tests and other evaluation measures. Career counsellors in New Zealand dig deep into their client’s career history, education, skills, and interests and help them build confidence, practise interpersonal skills, and improve resumes. 


The psychology job market is rapidly improving. A person working as a counsellor or in a mental health department can earn an average of $159,000. A fresher or an experienced can make between $82,000 to $244,000 annually. Hence, a student with two to five years of experience can expect a pay grade increase of up to 34%. Following are some jobs with their average pay scale.

Job Profile

Average Salary

Supervising counselor


Art therapist

$76, 351

Mental health counsellor


Career counselor


Clinical psychologists


Top Universities for Psychology

To learn more about the best universities for psychology in New Zealand, find details of the top-ranking psychology universities as per the QS University Rankings by Subject 2023: Psychology below:



Acceptance rate


The University of Auckland



University of Otago



Victoria University of Wellington



Massey University



University of Canterbury


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Psychology Courses in New Zealand FAQ

Is New Zealand good for studying psychology?

Psychology coursework in New Zealand is excellent, as it covers the major subjects and offers hands-on experience in terms of learning. With universities ranking under 100 in the QS World Subject Rankings, 2023 shows the demand for psychologists in the country. 

What is the expected salary of a psychology graduate in New Zealand?

An average psychologist's salary in New Zealand is around $92,000 annually or $47.18 hourly. Freshers can expect to earn an average of $78,982 annually. On the other hand, an experienced psychology graduate can earn up to $106,836 annually.

What is the average tuition fee for psychology in New Zealand?

The tuition fee for psychology courses in New Zealand depends on the course applied and the degree type. For example, certificate or graduate diploma programs can range from $10,000 to 20,000, whereas bachelor’s and master’s courses can range from $30,000 to $60,000.

What are some popular psychology scholarships in New Zealand?

New Zealand universities offer students various scholarships and financial grants so they can focus on their students without getting discouraged. These scholarships also smoothly cover tuition, transportation, lab, and other expenses. Some include - University of Waikato Tuition Scholarship, AUT International Excellence Scholarship, International Master’s Research Scholarship, etc. 

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