Where Can I Study Civil Engineering in New Zealand?

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For international students pursuing a degree in engineering, New Zealand offers a unique combination of academic excellence and practical experience. With a strong emphasis on innovative design, sustainability, and real-world application, New Zealand’s universities provide an ideal environment for aspiring civil engineers to thrive. In this blog, we will explore the top universities in New Zealand where international students can study civil engineering, highlighting their key programs, facilities, and the invaluable opportunities they offer to shape the future of infrastructure and construction.

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New Zealand's Top Civil Engineering Schools

- University of Auckland

The BE(Hons) at the University of Auckland is structured into four parts, corresponding to each year of study. In the first year, students are introduced to nine specialisations, a broad foundation in engineering and professional fundamentals, and a General Education paper to broaden their academic experience. The subsequent years (Parts II, III, and IV) are tailored to the student's chosen specialisation, incorporating a core mathematical modelling, technical communication, and professional development curriculum alongside elective courses.

Practical work is crucial. Part II requires a 40-hour workshop and 800 hours of practical work experience throughout the degree, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their careers.

Course in focus: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering

- Auckland University of Technology

The Civil Construction Engineering major in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree at AUT equips students with the skills to design and build environmentally sustainable, safe, and cost-effective structures. The program covers construction management, structural engineering, materials technologies, and building information modelling, among other areas. Students must complete 800 hours of supervised work experience, exposing them to industry practices, responsibilities, and health and safety protocols. The curriculum allows for flexibility in switching between engineering majors and culminates in an industry-based project, preparing graduates for rewarding careers in civil and construction engineering.

Course in focus: Civil Construction Engineering Major - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

- University of Waikato

Civil Engineering at the University of Waikato integrates 800 hours of relevant work experience, facilitated and supported by the Work-Integrated Learning team, ensuring alignment with students' study areas and career goals. The programme offers access to specialised labs, including the Large Scale Lab complex for engineering teaching and research. Graduates are prepared for careers in various civil engineering fields, such as infrastructure, water and waste management, and earthquake-proofing. They gain practical and theoretical skills in construction engineering, structural analysis, geotechnics, water engineering, project management, and more, meeting high demand in New Zealand and globally.

Course in focus: Bachelor of Engineering with Honours - Civil Engineering

Study Civil Engineering in New Zealand

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