30 Facts About New Zealand for International Students

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New Zealand is a welcoming and diverse country rich in culture, history, aesthetically pleasing landscapes and unique flora and fauna. Apart from these, it is also known to be a hobbit land, a bungee jumper’s paradise, and a home of the haka dance danced by the rugby players. It is an ideal destination for international students who aim to pursue their education at an affordable price. As more and more students aspire to spend time at New Zealand universities, you can impress your new classmates with interesting facts below!

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interesting facts about nz for students

30 Facts About New Zealand

1. It’s the “Land of Long White Clouds”

The Maori term for New Zealand is Aotearoa, which means long white cloud. So, the country's shape is like a long cloud on the map when seen from space. 

2. Beach Paradise

Looking for a day trip away? The beaches of New Zealand are fascinating places where students can enjoy skiing and surfing in one day. 

3. Pioneered Women's Rights in 1893

New Zealand became the first country in the world to give all women the right to vote in 1983. 

4. Has the Cleanest Water, Lake

The clearest water in the world is found in Blue Lake, in Nelson Lakes National Park. 

5. No Snakes

There are no snakes in New Zealand, but look out for the Giant Weta Bug. It is one of the heaviest insects in the world—it weighs more than a sparrow—and is harmless. 

6. Less Human Population

Only 5% of NZ’s population is human, while the rest are animals. 

7. Home to More Species of Penguins 

New Zealand has more species of penguins than any other country in the world. 

8. World’s Steepest Street is located in New Zealand

Baldwin Street, in Dunedin, is the world’s steepest street, increasing by 1 meter in height for every 2.86 meters travelled. 

9. Has the Longest Name of the Place in the World

New Zealand (NZ) has the longest name of a place in the world. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu (85 characters) is a hill in Hawke’s Bay. 

10. First Person to Scale Mount Everest

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mount Everest, was from New Zealand.

11. New Zealand is a hiker’s paradise

Nearly 33% of New Zealand’s stunning landscape is protected as part of the National Parks System, and there are hidden wonders to explore. 

12. Three official languages

New Zealand has more than one official language, English, Maori, and New Zealand sign language. 

13. It’s the “Other Hollywood”

Some of the biggest blockbuster films are shot in New Zealand. From the Lord of the Rings trilogy to The Hobbit, King Kong, the Piano, and Whale Rider. 

14. Home to the monstrously big bird 

If you like big birds, New Zealand is the place. Although extinct, giant Moa birds were native to New Zealand. They are known for their height and weight. The Moa birds were 3.6 meters tall and weighed 230 kg. 

15. It has more than 360 glaciers

New Zealand’s Southern Alps are dominated by over 360 glaciers, including the Tasmanian Glacier east of Cook Mountain, the country’s largest glacier. 

16. Largest producer of wool worldwide

New Zealand is the second-largest producer of wool in the world. 

17. Home to the smallest dolphin species in the world

New Zealand is home to the smallest dolphin species in the world. 

18. Least Corrupted Country

As per the Corruption Index, New Zealand is the least corrupt country worldwide (on par with Denmark). The country has topped the Global Peace Index in 2009. 

19. Termed the “Largest Island”

The Northern Island of New Zealand ranks 14th among the world’s largest islands. 

20. First humans to set foot on the land

The story of New Zealand says that Maori people were the first humans to set foot on the land. 

21. Top dairy producers 

New Zealand ranks 8th among the top dairy producers in the world. 

22. Enjoy holidays without consumerism

New Zealand has banned all TV commercials during holidays, like Good Friday, Easter Day, and Christmas Day. 

23. Into golf? Enjoy your weekend with some sports

New Zealand's national sport is rugby. The country boasts more golf courses than any other country in the world. It has around 400 private and public golf courses. 

24. A step ahead of the rest of the world

New Zealand is the first country on Earth to welcome the sun each morning. The East Cape of New Zealand’s north island is the first place to see the sunrise. 

25. Home to glow-warm caves

New Zealand cave roofs are home to glow warms or fungus gnat larvae. 

26. Experiences maritime climate

Due to its geographical position and shape, New Zealand experiences a maritime climate. 

27. The largest natural lake resides in New Zealand

Lake Taupo, which is an ancient volcanic crater, is the largest natural lake in New Zealand. 

28. One of the largest wine-producing countries

Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough are the largest wine-producing regions in New Zealand. 

29. First to forecast weather report

In 2012, New Zealand forecasted the first weather report in the Elvish language.

30. Longest Coastline

The length of New Zealand’s coastline makes it the 9th longest worldwide.

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