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Short-term courses in New Zealand for international students have proven engaging and effective for those who want to upskill their careers. These programs last one week to three months and are available in various fields, such as business, healthcare, education, and science. Short courses in New Zealand are the fastest way to gain specific knowledge and competencies to pursue your passion or expand your work skills. 

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Why Study a Short Course in New Zealand?

Enrolling in short courses has many benefits, especially when trying your luck in a highly competitive industry. You can find these programs based on your skill set and interests. Short-term courses are highly beneficial for developing your professional and personal skills. 

1. Cost-Effective Learning

One of the many benefits of taking short courses in New Zealand is learning new skills. These are less extensive and cheaper than degree programs, allowing you to improve your knowledge and specialised skills. 

2. Expand your Professional Network

When pursuing certificate courses in New Zealand, you get time to meet new people from your industry. From your classmates to professors and mentors, it allows you to make connections within your industry, which is a great learning experience. 

3. Enhanced Career Opportunities

The short-term courses offer you certifications, which provide a pathway to enter the demanding job market. Some short courses also combine skills and knowledge from two or more fields, which are highly valuable and give your resume a kickstart to excel in your career. 

4. Learn Skills Outside Your Comfort Zone

The short-term courses in New Zealand for international students aren’t restricted to specific fields or disciplines. So, if you are looking for certification programs that aren’t in your field, you can find courses based on your hobbies and interests, such as short courses in cooking or photography.

5. Flexibility and Convenience

Another significant advantage of short courses is that they provide flexibility. For example, traditional programs can be daunting and challenging for a working professional. On the other hand, online short-term courses allow you to learn and gain skills at your own pace.

Short Courses in New Zealand

Many New Zealand universities, such as the University of Auckland and the University of Waikato, provide different types of certification programs in many fields.

Global Advance Diploma in Professional Cookery

A global advance diploma is a short-term professional cookery program that offers blended learning, including lectures, webinars, and practical assessments to gain hands-on experience. During the course, you will learn kitchen management skills, advanced cooking methods, food trends, and regional food culture. With this diploma program, you can opt for a career in food and beverage service management or join the catering industry. 

Marine Science for Conservation

This program benefits science students, providing exciting, hands-on opportunities to explore marine conservation in New Zealand. You will achieve an in-depth understanding of the principles of marine conservation and skills to support ecosystem-based marine environment management. The short course combines field trips, seminars, and lab experiments related to marine conservation issues. After completing the course, you can pursue careers as an environmental manager, marine scientist, or academic teacher. 

Diploma in Audio Engineering

During the course, you will learn various audio-engineering skills to produce different types of music and recordings professionally. You will work with the latest audio equipment and music software to create music and other sound-related projects. It is an efficient course that gives you ample time and expert lectures to understand sound technology and music through lectures, seminars, and practical assignments. After completing the course, you can work as a sound technician, record producer, and music composer. 

Vehicle Inspectors Preparatory Course

This refresher preparatory course program trains you to conduct vehicle inspections. The course is a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the automotive industry. After completing this short course in New Zealand, you can get into a career as a professional vehicle inspector. 

Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management

A graduate diploma is an entry-level program focusing on analysing and studying the tourism industry. You will learn about national and international tourism and build skills in tourism and travel management work practices. The curriculum comprises industry visits, field trips, and more. Upon completing the course, you can work as a travel provider or in government agencies, accommodation, and conferences. 

Admission Process for Short Courses in New Zealand

The step-by-step process to apply for short courses in New Zealand is as follows -

Eligibility Criteria for Short Courses in New Zealand

The eligibility requirements for short-term courses in New Zealand depend on the type of course and the institution’s demand. 

Short-Term Courses for Employment in New Zealand

The job market in New Zealand is at a peak now, welcoming overseas students and offering excellent post-study work rights in different fields. The country’s employment rate is increasing by 3% annually, which is excellent for part-time and full-time job opportunities. In such cases, short-term programs are a fantastic option to kickstart your career. Here are some popular short courses in New Zealand that you can opt for and where this program can take you. 

Short-Term Course

High-Paying Job/Career

Average Salary/ annually 

Culinary Arts


$44,500 - $54,132 


Medical receptionist 

$45,000 - $55,000

Information Technology

Information technology consultant

$66,496 - $99,595

Audio Engineering

Sound technician

$47,000 - $80,000

Tourism Management

Customer service representative

$55,000 - $60,000

Universities and Institutes Offering Short-Term Courses

Here is the list of educational institutions and universities that offer vocational courses to international students:

Study Short-Term Courses in New Zealand

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