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Business Analytics is transforming data into insights that help businesses grow, and studying MS in Business Analytics in New Zealand is for those wishing to build a career as a business analyst. The course is available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. During the coursework, you will be introduced to tools like data management, predictive modelling, data mining, and forecasting simulation to create insights from data. Careers in business analytics include investment specialists, business insight executives, and customer insights officers, all of whom have an average salary of $96,000 annually. 

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Why Study Business Analytics in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a popular educational destination for international students seeking quality education, and pursuing business analytics in New Zealand has massive scope in the future.

  1. Quality Education - New Zealand universities are renowned for their teaching practices and education system.
  2. Global Recognition - The course degrees of New Zealand are globally recognised, making it easier for students to pursue careers in any corner of the world.
  3. Industry Collaboration - The Business Analytics courses in New Zealand have strong connections with industry professionals, allowing students to work on real-time projects and gain valuable experience.
  4. Diverse Culture - New Zealand is home to multiple cultural groups. Students can interact and build social networks based on interests and hobbies.
  5. Post-Study Work Opportunities - New Zealand allows international students to work for up to three years after graduation.

Highlights of Business Analytics Courses in New Zealand

Name of the Course

Business Analytics

Degrees Available

Undergraduate| postgraduate| Graduate Diploma

Course Duration

Bachelor’s - 3 years| Master’s -2 years | Graduate Diploma - 1 year

Average Course Fees

$38,000 - $63,295

Skills learnt

Problem-solving, communication, attention to detail, critical thinking, logical-decision making, and analytical skills

Career Opportunities

Business analyst manager, information security analyst, data analysis scientist, and data architect

Average Salary

$96,000 annually

Top Business Analytics Recruiting Companies

Amazon, Apple, IBM, Google, ASB Bank, PwC, Westpac New Zealand, and Cognizant

Master of Business Analytics in New Zealand

The Master of Business Analytics (MBusAN) is a two-year professional management and data analysis degree that equips you with a strong industry skillset. You will study the subject in two parts (1 and 2), either in semester or trimester format. Part I comprises information management tools, storytelling, predictive analytics, decision-making, and optimisation. On the other hand, in part II, you will have to choose one of the following: supply chain management, marketing, or Fintech. 

When you graduate with a Master of Business Analytics (Business), you will gain sought-after skills to understand a business problem and use machine learning and data mining techniques to solve it. New Zealand universities and institutions conduct classes through weekly tutorials, lectures, assignments, and application-oriented activities. 

Some demanding careers in Master of Business Analytics include market research analyst, investment specialist, data strategy lead, and data analytics and visualisation specialist. 

Bachelor of Business Analytics in New Zealand

The Bachelor of Business Analytics is an undergraduate three-year program that helps you excel with the knowledge and skills to identify organisational-data-related problems. During the course, you will learn to use analytics tools to extract large data analyses from various sources, followed by a capstone project. You will also get hands-on experience accessing tools like Google BigQuery, Excel, and Business Intelligence. 

When you graduate with a Bachelor of Business Analytics in New Zealand, your skills will be helpful in multiple industries and organisations. The universities in New Zealand offer various specialisations, such as Bachelor of Commerce in Business Analytics and Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics. 

Some popular careers include customer insights analyst, economic/data analyst, information management specialist, and data analytics manager. 

Top Universities for Business Analytics Courses in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to top-ranked universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate business analytics degrees. Check the list of the top universities offering business analytics courses in New Zealand:

University Name


Acceptance rate


University of Auckland

Master of Business Analytics



University of Otago

Master of Data Science (Business)



Auckland University of Technology

Master of Business (Data Science)



Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility criteria are the most important factor when enrolling for New Zealand courses. Check the entry requirements for the following undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Business Analytics. 

Required Documents

The documents required for admission to the Master of Business Analytics in New Zealand are -

Career and Job Opportunities

Business Analytics is a growing field in New Zealand that offers various opportunities to skilled professionals. The average salary of a business analyst ranges from $96,000 to $100,000 annually. The entry-level employees make around $87,812 annually. On the other hand, experienced professionals earn around $120,692 annually. Some popular job roles in this field include market research analyst, investment specialist, data scientist, and management consultant.

Study Business Analytics in New Zealand

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