Why Study Veterinary Science at Massey University?

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The Massey University Veterinary Science School ranks in the world’s top 20 vet schools and is internationally acclaimed, aiming to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in animal health, animal science, welfare, biosecurity, conservation, and sustainable productivity. After completing a Massey vet science degree, students can work in various career fields, such as public health workers, veterinarians, meat inspectors and ecologists.

The Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) at Massey typically spans five years and is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become competent veterinary professionals. The curriculum covers various modules, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and clinical skills. Students also gain practical experience through hands-on training and clinical rotations, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of veterinary practice.

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Three Reasons to Study Veterinary Science at Massey University

Studying Veterinary Science at Massey University prepares you for a distinguished career by providing you with a solid foundation essential for success.

1. Highly Regarded Degree

The educational system is highly competitive and maintains high academic standards. The vet degree at Massey University is one of the fastest paths to becoming a fully qualified veterinarian who can work in major countries like South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Canada, etc. 

2. Unique Career Opportunities

Veterinary Science, or Vet Science, requires passion and love for animals. Also, it provides the best career paths after completing the degree. So, if you are an animal lover and studying vet science in Australia, then here are some demanding career options -

You can work in sectors such as hospitals, laboratories, poultry farms, etc. 

3. Experience Practical Learning with World-Class Facilities

Massey University Veterinary Science School believes learning can be gained through practical experience and teaching. Hence, the university offers hands-on experience in labs, field trips, and projects on solving real-world problems. 

In addition, you will be able to learn from world-class facilities, such as teaching hospitals, pet emergency centers, hospitals for farm animals, etc.

Massey University Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc)

The BVSc is a bachelor’s degree program divided into two phases - a pre-selection phase and a professional one. After completion of the degree, most veterinary graduates work in clinical practice initially, while others go for further study. Once you complete the BVSc requirements, you can register to practice as a veterinarian in New Zealand through the Veterinary Council of New Zealand. 

Massey University's veterinary program is also renowned for its emphasis on research and innovation in animal health. The university's commitment to cutting-edge research contributes to the program's international acclaim and attracts students worldwide. The BVSc degree is accredited by relevant veterinary boards, making graduates eligible for registration as veterinarians in many countries, enhancing their global employability.

Course Overview

The Massey University vet science academic curriculum offers learning opportunities from experts and researchers with expertise in pet surgery and animal and public health. A vet degree will be a boon for you if you are good at science and mathematics, love animals, and can think critically and analytically. The generic course program covers the following topics:

For qualified vets, you will further study the subjects and topics, such as:

Entry requirements

For admission to Massey University Veterinary Science, you must meet specific entry requirements, including an English language skills test and educational qualifications from high school or any other university. 

The university accepts the following English language skill test scores -

Your test scores must be valid for two years from the date you took the test. If you have taken any test other than English language examinations, you must include that with your application for admission as an international student. 

The scores for the above English proficiency tests may vary depending on the degree chosen.

Course Fees

Massey University charges a tuition fee for each course once you qualify. The final tuition fees are enlisted in the Offer of Enrollment. Here is the average fee structure for vet science courses for the 2024 academic year for international students -

Degree Estimated tuition fees for each course Estimated tuition fee for each year
BVSc- Veterinary Science (1 year) $6,630.70 to $9,095.60 $53,050 to $74,950
BVSc - Veterinary Science (2 to 5 years) $9,371 $74,950

Documents required

While applying for the Massey Vet Science degree, you need to upload the following documents while filling out the application form -


Massey University offers various scholarships for veterinary students (in the professional phase) but not for students enrolling in the pre-selection phase. Below is the list of the scholarships offered to veterinary students. 

Scholarship name Award value 
Cambridge Equine Hospital Scholarship Up to $3000
McConnell Elton Foundation Bursary Up to $1000
New Zealand Equine Research Foundation Massey Scholarship Up to $3000
Westland Veterinary Service Inc. Scholarship $5000
Otamatea Veterinary Club Scholarship $5000
Te Aroha Vets Veterinary Grant $1000

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, Massey University veterinary science alumni enjoy excellent career prospects. The program's strong emphasis on clinical skills and research opportunities positions graduates for success in diverse fields such as private practice, research, government agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The global recognition of Massey's veterinary program ensures that alumni are well-regarded internationally, providing them a competitive edge in the increasingly interconnected world of veterinary medicine.

Study Veterinary Science at Massey University

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