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Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, offers multiple benefits and provides a wide range of career opportunities to international students. It is the country's capital, port, and commercial hub, situated at the southernmost tip of the North Island. Being the national capital of New Zealand, studying in Wellington provides a quality education and life. 

The city has two top technological institutions and many private tertiary institutions specialising in technology, performing arts, arts and humanities, and healthcare. Apart from academics, Wellington is also a safe and welcoming place for international students, making it an ideal educational destination. 

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Why Study in Wellington?

1. World’s Most Livable City

Wellington, New Zealand, is the world’s most livable city. The city has been ranked on Deutsche Bank’s List of 50 cities offering the best quality of life. Also, it is the least polluted city and ranked fourth-best for property-to-income ratio and fifth-best for climate-earning. 

2. World-Class Education

According to the Legatum Prosperity Index Institute, New Zealand has the best education system worldwide. The index is calculated based on household income, economic growth, and quality of life. Students can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and other professional degrees to gain flourishing careers. 

3. Safe and Secure City

Wellington is ranked 16th best city in the world in terms of safety. It also ranks 2nd globally for personal security. 

4. Staying to Work After Study

After studying at a Wellington university, you can apply for a visa to stay and work in New Zealand. The country offers a post-study work visa for up to three years. 

5. Excellent Job Opportunities 

Graduates who study in Wellington can receive excellent work opportunities based on their qualifications and skills. You can opt for casual, part-time or full-time jobs with a high pay scale. Software developers, multimedia specialists, and data scientists are high-demand jobs in Wellington. 

6. Vibrant and Hearty Place to Live

Looking for a city in New Zealand with good food, sightseeing, and nightlife? Well, Wellington has got you covered. Wellington, New Zealand, has plenty of quirky cafes, restaurants, and pubs to explore. It is also famous for its coffee culture, so Wellington will be the perfect place if you are a coffee person.

7. Festival Mecca of New Zealand 

As mentioned before, Wellington is an exciting place to live. The city conducts different festivals and events that lighten people's moods. Some popular events and festivals include The Summer City Festival in Wellington, The World of Wearable Arts Show, and the International Film Festival. 

Top Universities in Wellington

New Zealand universities have ranked at the top for many years and have been the top educational destination for international students. These universities offer quality education and have the renowned academic infrastructure. Here are some of the top universities in Wellington -

- Victoria University of Wellington

Established in 1897 in Wellington, New Zealand, Victoria University of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions. The university is in the top 2% of the world’s 18,000 universities. The university's library and information management department is ranked 42nd globally, and development studies rank 43rd globally. 

Victoria University of Wellington also ranks in the top 100 universities for subjects such as English Language and Literature, Law, Politics and International Studies. Besides academics, the university offers many facilities and services for students and staff, which include libraries, food shops, labs, cafes, gyms, sports clubs, and many more.

University Type

Tertiary institution

Established year


Number of international students


QS Ranking 2024


Acceptance rate


Student-faculty ratio


Campus facilities

libraries, food shops, labs, cafes, gyms, sports clubs, and counselling centres

International scholarships 

Tongarewa Scholarships, Study Abroad Scholarships, and Faculty of Law International Students LLM Fee Scholarships

- University of Otago

The University of Otago, Wellington, is a public research collegiate university established in 1869 in Wellington, New Zealand. It is a medical and health science campus offering students a worldwide perspective and job chances. The University of Otago is ranked in the top 1% of universities globally and has five stars in the QS Global University Performance Ratings. Also, Otago is the first university in New Zealand to achieve Fair Trade status.

Besides education, the University of Otago has stand-out facilities. It is one of nine libraries ranked 13th globally and is a must-visit place. The university is known for its world-class teaching and research laboratories, performance spaces, lecture theatres, study areas, and sporting facilities. 

University Type

Public Research Collegiate University

Established year


Number of international students


QS Ranking 2024


Acceptance rate


Student-faculty ratio


Campus facilities

Teaching and research laboratories, performance spaces, lecture theatres, study areas, and sporting facilities

International scholarships 

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships, the University of Otago Entrance Scholarships, International Master’s Research Scholarships

- Massey University

Massey University is ranked in the top 300 universities in the world, making it one of the best universities in Wellington. Studying at Massey University offers a unique opportunity and experience in a world-class teaching and research environment. The university provides a range of bachelor’s and master’s programs with the flexibility of distance learning. According to the QS 2023 Subject Rankings, veterinary medicine and developmental studies are ranked in the top 30 worldwide. 

The main objective of Massey University is to provide students with innovative and adaptive programs that help them prepare for the challenges of today’s work environment. 

University Type

Public University

Established year


Number of international students


QS Ranking 2024


Acceptance rate


Student-faculty ratio


Campus facilities

Specialist labs, teaching spaces, libraries, sound and film production facilities, and cafes

International scholarships 

Mannaki New Zealand Scholarships, Doctoral Scholarships, Colin Aiken Plant Breeding Bursary, and MBA awards

Colleges in Wellington

Wellington is home to several premiere institutions and colleges offering courses in specialised streams, such as business, education, healthcare, arts and humanities, and environmental science. Many colleges also provide English proficiency while studying, which can be helpful for international students. 

  1. Tasman International Academies
  2. Royal Business College
  3. Eagle Flight Training Limited
  4. New Zealand School of Education
  5. Information Technology Training Institute, Wellington
  6. Pacific International Hotel Management School
  7. Retail Business and Management College

Student Life in Wellington

Being an international student in one of the Wellington universities entitles you to fantastic discounts from cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues, including theatres and cinemas. Being one of the safest cities, it is a beautiful place for international students to study, live, and work. 

Wellington has an extensive public transport system that is well-used by locals. Buses and suburban trains are always available throughout the city, where you can easily access different destinations. In addition, the city is also known for its nightlife, thriving arts and entertainment scene, and other music events and festivals. 

Cost of Living in Wellington for International Students

Wellington is a great place for international students to study and live. However, the cost of living in Wellington can be higher than in other New Zealand cities. The cost of living mainly depends on the type of accommodation and lifestyle preferences.

Miscellaneous expenses include mobile phone bills, internet bills, and entertainment. Mobile phone bills vary depending on the plan and usage, and internet bills range from NZD 70-100 per month. Entertainment expenses such as movies, sports events, and concerts cost around NZD 20-30 per event. However, the expenses can depend on the lifestyle and accommodation preferences. 

Study in Wellington

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  • University of Otago
  • Victoria University of Wellington
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