Top Universities to Study Engineering in New Zealand

Last updated: 3 June 2024 Engineering

Engineering is a vast subject with many specialisations to choose from. Engineers play a vital role worldwide, and many are gradually beginning to understand the importance of quality engineering graduates. However, New Zealand can be the right place to pursue engineering studies if you are looking for a study abroad option. Being one of the safest countries globally, New Zealand offers world-class education and an impetus to innovation and technology. In addition, the university campus is scenic, and the tuition fees are affordable compared to other universities. Here, we have listed the best engineering colleges in New Zealand for international students. 

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Top Universities to Study Engineering in New Zealand

Find New Zealand's top three engineering schools (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024) below.

1. The University of Auckland

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Auckland is a prestigious institution known for its strong engineering programs. With a focus on innovation and practical application, the university offers a range of engineering disciplines, including biomedical, geothermal, civil, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering. The faculty members are esteemed researchers and industry professionals who provide students with valuable insights and mentorship. The university's emphasis on hands-on experience and industry collaborations equips graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their careers. 

The University of Auckland's engineering programs are divided into five departments: chemical and materials engineering; civil and environmental engineering, electrical, computer, and software engineering, engineering science and biomedical engineering, and mechanical and mechatronics engineering. 

2. University of Canterbury

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Canterbury offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. With state-of-the-art facilities and research opportunities, the university offers a comprehensive range of engineering specializations. Students can pursue diverse areas of interest, from earthquake engineering to sustainable energy systems, while receiving guidance from accomplished faculty members. 

Graduates pursuing engineering in New Zealand will fill a growing and competitive market need for engineers, scientists, and architects with a combination of technical and collaborative design skills. The knowledge from these degrees will help young engineers pursue careers as machine learning engineers, data scientists, and computer engineers. 

3. Victoria University of Wellington

If you like problem-solving creativity, have a keen interest in innovation and technology, and are looking for a rewarding future. Victoria University of Wellington, Faculty of Engineering, can help you reach your career goal. The Faculty of Engineering offers exciting and challenging programmes combining science, technology, and engineering.  

The bachelor’s degree with Hons is a four-year course offered with majors in cybersecurity, electrical and electronic, and software engineering. On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree in engineering offers majors in artificial intelligence, computer graphics, games, data science, mathematics and statistics. Master’s and PhD in engineering courses are provided and taught under the guidance of scholars and researchers with a commitment to prepare you for your future career. Victoria University of Wellington helps you build the tools and skills you need for your career growth. 

Study Engineering in New Zealand

From academics to industry exposure, New Zealand universities offer a well-rounded education that prepares graduates to make meaningful contributions in the engineering field. If you want to study engineering in New Zealand, arrange a free consultation with SI-Global today.

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