Scholarships in New Zealand for International Students

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New Zealand is an excellent destination for advancing your education. Boasting stunning landscapes, top-tier universities, and a high quality of life, New Zealand impressively holds the 16th position in the recent QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. According to the World Education Rankings, New Zealand claims the 4th spot with an education index of 0.93% and an impressive literacy rate of 99%.

Despite these outstanding rankings, it's worth noting that the cost of living in New Zealand is somewhat on the expensive side. However, the good news is that through the availability of scholarships in New Zealand, international students can comfortably enjoy a fulfilling and enriching life while pursuing their education.

About Scholarships in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand can be affordable if finances are planned smartly. International students willing to apply to NZ universities must know about the financial aid, scholarships, and grants offered by the institutions and the NZ government. This will help them to curb their expenses in the right way. 

The government and universities in New Zealand offer many scholarships and grants. These scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, such as academic scores, diversity, inclusion, financial requirements, etc.

scholarships in new zealand

Eligibility Criteria For Scholarships in New Zealand

The eligibility criteria for financial grants may vary from university to university. However, here are some essential factors that students must follow while applying for scholarships:

These scholarships are available in different forms, such as government-funded, university-specific, etc. 

Benefits of New Zealand Scholarships

Scholarships in New Zealand have endless benefits for both domestic and international students. Here is the list of advantages of obtaining them:

1. Support financial assistance

Scholarships cover significant expenses such as tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs. This can significantly reduce the financial burden on students and their families. 

2. Reduced debt

Scholarships can help students graduate with lower levels of debt or even debt-free, allowing them to start their careers with a more secure financial footing. 

3. Access to quality education

New Zealand is known for its quality education; scholarships can provide access to prestigious universities and colleges, making it more accessible and affordable. 

Different Types of New Zealand Scholarships

Government-Funded Scholarships

The New Zealand Government offers Government-Funded Scholarships to assist economically weak students financially. However, each scholarship has a specific criteria. The list of government-funded scholarships is as follows -

- New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships

It is a merit-based scholarship funded by the Government of New Zealand and is operated by Education New Zealand. It offers scholarships and financial assistance to international students pursuing doctoral and Ph.D. degrees in science at New Zealand universities. Candidates have to apply online to avail the scholarship. This scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses for up to three years.

- New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

The New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship is a popular scholarship to study in New Zealand in 2024. It is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and the Government of New Zealand. The financial aid covers tuition fees, living, travel expenses, and health insurance. Candidates pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. with solid academic excellence can apply for the scholarship. 

- New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

This scholarship is supported by the Education New Zealand (ENZ) Manapou ki te Ao and New Zealand’s eight universities for international students, especially for Indian students. A total of 29 students were granted this scholarship. 

Other government scholarships include - 

- Fulbright New Zealand US Graduate Awards

This scholarship is awarded to US students who are willing to study a master’s or research program in any field at New Zealand universities. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, airfare, etc. 

- New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Scholarships

This scholarship is available for students from Pacific and Southeast Asian countries. It can be applied for online. It is fully funded and covers tuition fees, a living allowance, and other expenses. 

University Scholarships

An excellent university with a scholarship is like a lottery ticket. New Zealand aims to provide the best to its students. Here is the list of university-based scholarships in New Zealand. 

The University of Canterbury’s College of Engineering Scholarships

It is an academic scholarship offered to international students by the University of Canterbury pursuing engineering programs. 35 scholarships are available annually. The scholarship is awarded to top scholars to support them in their studies. 

Victoria Master’s Scholarship

Victoria University offers various scholarships and aims to support international scholarship recipients and sponsored students. The scholarships available are entirely and partially funded and cover one one-year tuition fee. Applicants applying for the scholarship must have a thesis worth 90 points or more or have become eligible at the beginning of semester II of the following year. 

AC Rayner Memorial Scholarship

Lincoln University funds the AC Rayner Memorial Scholarship for first-year freshmen and deserving international students pursuing a master’s degree in any area of economics, including economic policy. Full-time and part-time students can apply for a financial grant. 

The Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarships

The University of Canterbury funds this scholarship. It aims to support undergraduate Asian students from Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Thailand, India, Singapore, Mongolia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. It is a fully-funded scholarship granted for one year. 

Other university-specific New Zealand scholarships include-

University-specific scholarships

Offered by

Scholarship benefit

Carnegie Mellon University Scholarship

Carnegie Mellon University


Deakin Scholarships

Deakin University


Charles Darwin University Scholarships

Charles University

50% of the tuition fee

Griffith University Scholarships

Griffith University

50% of the tuition fee

Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship

Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship


Other New Zealand Scholarships

Apart from government-funded and university-specific, there are some other scholarships that students can take advantage of -

Apply for New Zealand Scholarships

If you need assistance applying for scholarships in New Zealand ahead of the upcoming academic year, contact SI-New Zealand, where our team can take you through all of your available options.

New Zealand Scholarships FAQ

What scholarships are available for international students in New Zealand?

Scholarships in New Zealand are broadly classified into grants that are accepted worldwide. There are government-funded scholarships and university-specified scholarships available for domestic and international students. Applicants must meet the required eligibility criteria for a particular scholarship to avail of the scholarship programs. 

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for scholarships in New Zealand?

The eligibility criteria are critical when applying for a scholarship in New Zealand. Scholarships are provided based on merit, need, and student-specific or course-specific grants. 

How can I apply for scholarships in New Zealand?

Candidates can apply for scholarships by filling out the specific application form. In addition, to avail of the scholarship benefits, one must submit the requisite documents and proof. 

Can I apply for multiple scholarships in New Zealand?

Yes, students can apply for multiple scholarships in New Zealand. However, one must go through the terms and conditions of each scholarship carefully. Some scholarships may have restrictions on applying for multiple scholarships.


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