An International Student Guide to Studying in Auckland

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Renowned for its high-quality education system, Auckland is home to leading universities and institutions consistently ranking among the world's best. The city's academic offerings provide students with diverse learning and specialisation opportunities. With a focus on innovation and research, Auckland's educational institutions foster an environment that encourages critical thinking and academic excellence, preparing students for success in their chosen fields.

In addition to its academic excellence, Auckland boasts a stunning natural landscape and a relaxed lifestyle. Surrounded by picturesque harbours, beaches, and lush greenery, students in Auckland enjoy a high quality of life. The city's multicultural atmosphere adds to the vibrancy, creating a welcoming environment for international students. Auckland's sustainability commitment and reputation as a safe and friendly city make it an ideal destination for those seeking academic growth and a well-rounded and fulfilling student experience. Many post-study work opportunities are available as well. 

Auckland Snapshot

Auckland’s Population

1.8 million

Employability rate


Global Peace Index Rank 


Average living expense

$300 weekly

The average salary for freshers


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Five Reasons to Study in Auckland

According to the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) 2021 ranking, Auckland, New Zealand, was one of the most liveable cities. Here are some reasons why one should consider studying in Auckland

  1. It is the world’s most liveable city, ranking 1st as an English-speaking country in preparing students for the future. 
  2. The city has excellent tertiary education opportunities. Many universities are internationally recognised and rank in the top 3% of the world. 
  3. It offers world-class education for students of all ages and comprises high academic standards and supporting learning environments.
  4. Auckland offers educational degrees like diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, and other professional courses in different specialisations
  5. Auckland has a diverse and vibrant cultural sphere where one can experience international food, festivals, and events throughout the year.

Top Universities in Auckland

Most universities in Auckland have been ranked in the top 3% globally, with 15 subjects in the top 50. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business places the business schools based in Auckland among the top 5% worldwide. Here is the list of the top New Zealand universities based on the QS Ranking 2024. 

The University of Auckland (UoA)

UoA is a public research university established in 1883 in Auckland, New Zealand. It is one of New Zealand’s largest universities, hosting about 40,000 students across five campuses. From cafes to sports centres to university clinics, the University of Auckland has several facilities to meet all the needs. 

Massey University

Massey University was established in 1927 in Palmerston North, Auckland and Wellington. It is the only university in New Zealand that offers aviation and veterinary medicine degrees, and according to the QS World Ranking 2024, the university ranks 239th. The campus provides various support services such as fitness studios, health and counselling centres, a library, study rooms to support students' requirements. 

Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS)

The Auckland Institute of Studies is a private tertiary educational institution in Auckland, New Zealand, established in 1990. It is affiliated with the Centre for Research in International Education (CRIE) and has strong links with various institutes and industries, facilitating internships and placement opportunities. The campus has several facilities, such as a library, recreation hall, cafeterias, etc.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

AUT is a public research university established in 2000 and is the third-largest university in New Zealand for total student enrollment, with approximately 29,100 students on campus. The university ranks 407th worldwide, providing courses in business and management, design and creative technologies, law, hospitality and tourism, etc. AUT offers various amenities and accommodation facilities, such as libraries, gyms, printing centres, childcare centres, etc. 

Student Life in Auckland

For an international student, Auckland is a great place to live in. Besides study and work, Auckland, New Zealand has more to offer, as it has the highest number of immigrants. The area is quiet and relaxed, filled with endless adventure opportunities, surreal natural beauty, indigenous Maori culture, and epic natural phenomena. 

Unlike many other countries, Auckland is one of the safest places in the world. It is ranked second on the Global Peace Index, boasting low crime rates. Also, if you are a foodie lover, then worry not. The food culture in Auckland, New Zealand, is to die for. One can indulge in a wide range of seafood, like oysters, scallops, abalone, etc. 

International students can get involved, enjoy student associations, and participate in cultural events and activities to explore their potential. Overall, students can experience a great and exciting lifestyle in Auckland. 

- Cost of Living

The cost of living in Auckland for international students depends on the type of lifestyle you choose. However, there are some areas where the cost of living can be extremely high due to importing goods and services from overseas. 

For international students, the average expenses can range from $20,000 to $25,000 per year to support their expenses towards food and accommodation.


Spend Value (approx)


$800 - $950


$50 weekly




$100 - $150 weekly



Student Accommodation in Auckland

Universities in Auckland offer housing facilities to every student. There are separate lodges and shared accommodation facilities available in Auckland. University accommodations can be the best if you want to enjoy campus experiences. The rooms can be available sei-furnished or fully furnished, offering various facilities, such as security facilities, nearby cafes, 24*7 library and medical health care facilities, study clubs, and other support services.

Study in Auckland

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  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Massey University
  • University of Auckland

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